The gilded envelope landed on the mat just inside the front door of Stuart Hall & Co a few weeks ago. It sat there unobserved for all of two minutes before it was grabbed, slain open and pored over amid tea and muffin crumbs.

It turned out that we’d been invited to Judging Day of the North East Accountancy Awards at The Hilton Hotel in Gateshead on 30th June, 2016!

Good, huh?

Well, brace yourself: not only that, but we’d also been nominated by one of our lovely clients as finalist for the actual award!

Hey -that’s just the way we roll.

We’re not your stereotypical number crunchers, after all. We do more than adding the numbers. Stuart Hall & Co can scrub up as well as the next accountants … but this time, we have to confess, we were hiding a secret weapon.

No – not him.

We have a brand new recruit to add even more sparkle to the team.

Hannah Slater – our Business Administration Apprentice, who is the go-to in the Stuart Hall & Co office for all things payroll and everything that keeps this show on the road.

And what flair! Such nails and hair!

If you saw them, you’d burst into spontaneous rhyme, too.

So when the big night arrived, The North East Accountancy Awards had to admit that Stuart Hall & Co proved one good looking nomination for the Small Accountancy Firm of The Year award.

Things didn’t go quite as planned.

Luke found the atmosphere a little – shall we say, overwhelming, and ended up overdressed and stuck in a revolving door he thought was an escalator.

Harry and Charlotte played “Guess The Winners” all evening, revealing Charlotte’s latent psychic powers – till now, completely unforeseen. A bit freaky, really.

Oh, what a night! Although we didn’t win the award (as Charlotte predicted), thank you so much to the organisers and to our clients for your support – it puts an extra little boing in our boots to have your praise and encouragement.

You guys… what are you like?

As if all that forward leaping weren’t enough, we have even more news … our new sister in Scotland, Kim Whillans, joins us from Newtown St Boswells . How you doing up there, Kim?

Nope. No answer.

She’s there, anyway. Probably huddled over the Aga keeping warm in the midsummer.

St-t-t-t-tuart Hall & Co have well and truly grown!

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