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BCCA - Borders Chartered Certified Accountants

Making your life simple – More than just adding up numbers

BCCA is staffed by fully qualified Chartered Certified Accountants registered with ACCA in the UK. This means that the standard of service is internationally recognised and indeed some of our staff have been ranked in the top 12 Worldwide.

Our passion is to add value and we feel that we can only do this by making the accountancy process as simple as possible so that you as the business manager can understand what is happening in the business and make appropriate decisions.

Because all of our senior staff have also run businesses both large and small we feel that we have an empathy with business owners and managers, hence our passion to keep things as simple as humanly possible.

That does not mean cutting corners or being ineffective when it comes to the dreaded HMRC, but we often come across solutions which cost more than the tax they were designed to save. Our solutions will be simple and cost effective.

Mr Hans Waltl

Borders Chartered Certified Accountants
Royal Bank Chambers
Newton St Boswells

Tel No: 01573 410614